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Matt Hackenburg for Governor of Pennsylvania

Your Freedom

Meet Matt


Matt Hackenburg for Governor of Pennsylvania

Matt is one of us,

not a politician. 

He’s principled, not dishonest. He’s looking for freedom, not a career. He cares about his family, not paybacks.


Matt is a veteran against war, the husband of a nurse against medical tyranny, and a neighbor against government overreach into our communities.

He doesn't want to see our men and women sent overseas to die. He won't stand for our kids being muzzled and abused. And more than anything, he wants us to be the ones that decide how we live our lives.


Hack the State

On the Issues

It's Time to Free Ourselves of Tyranny

Politicians who don't care about us control almost every aspect of our lives.

They've failed, and it's time we took control back.

Free Our Lifestyles

Matt Hackenburg for decriminalization

As long as you're not harming anyone, you have the right to choose how you live, no exceptions. The state has criminalized victimless crimes, unnecessarily imprisoning millions and ruining lives and communities. All of that will be decriminalized and the freedom to live will be returned to you.

Free Our Wallets

Matt Hackenburg is anti-tax

Taxes on our income, our property, at the store, on our gas, everywhere we turn. Criminal politicians steal money from our kitchen table and waste it. Meanwhile, most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and struggle month in and month out. You know better how to spend your money than politicians hundreds of miles away. We must end the theft of taxation and restore our prosperity.

Free Our Children

Matt Hackenburg for our families and childrn

Our children have suffered enough. They're forced to attend failing government schools, stripped of their creativity, indoctrinated into servanthood, and robbed of their dignity while being muzzled literally and figuratively throughout. We as parents know best how to raise our kids, and the State shouldn't come between us.

Free Our Defense

Matt Hackenburg for self defense, second amendment, gun rights

The second amendment shall not be infringed. It’s that simple. The State holds a monopoly on violence and holds our lives at the value of an overdue parking ticket. All laws prohibiting the right to defend oneself must be nullified. If we do not have the right to defend ourselves from tyranny we are free only by permission.

Free Our Homes

Matt Hackenburg for our homes

In Pennsylvania, even if you own your house you’re still always renting from the State. Not only do we have to pay for permission to live, we're told everything we can and cannot do with the property that is supposed to be ours. It’s time to truly own our homes again.

Free Our Health

Matt Hackenburg for medical freedom and medical autonomy

The tyranny of the COVID regime was unprecedented. Locking us in our homes, taking away our jobs, muzzling our kids, and doing untold damage to our friends and family. We are not free if we don’t have body autonomy. No more medical tyranny, no more mandates, nothing coming between you and your personal health decisions.

Free Our Guard

Matt Hackenburg for the Pennsylvania National Guard

The National Guard has been abused beyond measure. War criminals in D.C. deploy our family members unlawfully into unnecessary conflict with zero regard for their well-being. As a former guardsman, Defend the Guard policy, which will protect our Guard from being deployed without a formal declaration of war, will be a top priority.

Free Our State

Matt Hackenburg for Pennsylvania

We, the people of Pennsylvania, should decide what happens in Pennsylvania. What’s best for us is not necessarily what’s best for other states. Any and all laws coming from corrupt D.C. that infringe on our rights should be nullified and made unenforceable.


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Matt Hackenburg for Governor of Pennsylvania

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