Matt Hackenburg Reaches Out to Republicans, Democrats, and Others After Pennsylvania Primary Results

Northampton, PA, May 18, 2022 – After the 2022 Pennsylvania Primary results were finalized for the Republicans and Democrats, Matt Hackenburg, Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, reached out to those disenfranchised with the choices before them from the two major parties and those that didn’t get to participate in the primary at all. The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is the third largest party in the state.

“For those who are disheartened over the choices they’ll have on the November ballot from the Democrats and Republicans, there is a third choice from the third largest party in the state,” Hackenburg said. “I will fight for the freedoms of all Pennsylvanians. They want relief from their pain at the pump, their tax burden, and the dysfunction of Harrisburg. Career politicians won’t get them there. All Pennsylvanians know best how to run their lives, their homes, and their communities. They’re worried about inflation, their children’s future, and infringements on their rights. In November, only one choice will fight for them every step of the way.”

Hackenburg lives in Northampton County with his wife, Laura, their young daughter, and their homestead of dogs, chickens, and goats. Matt is a former member of the Army National Guard and has a fifteen-year career as a computer engineer in the aerospace industry.

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