Matt Hackenburg To Attend Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival

Kutztown, PA, April 22, 2022 – Matt Hackenburg, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, will be attending the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival on Sunday, April 24th. The festival is expected to see 40,000 people pass through over the weekend.

“As long as you're not harming anyone, you have the right to choose how you live,” Hackenburg said. “The state has criminalized victimless actions, unnecessarily imprisoning millions and ruining lives and communities. As Governor, I will work to make these victimless actions legal and end all state prohibition. I fully support the great work of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival and look forward to seeing that work firsthand.”

The free festival runs from 10am to 5pm both Saturday and Sunday, and will feature more than 250 vendors, live music, speakers, and discussion panels. More information can be found at From the website, “Founded in Scranton, PA in 2015 our mission has always been to raise awareness to end cannabis prohibition in the 5th most populated state in America. Since our conception, Pennsylvania has legalized the use of medical cannabis and industrial hemp thanks to the hard work of our cannabis community.”